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Megan Gray, Creative Director + Designer

I live on the edge of a wild canyon in Orange County, California. Originally from the midwest, with a prolonged stopover in DC, I now consider California home. (In other words, you’d have to drag me out of here kicking and screaming). California is a source of constant inspiration for me.

I’m passionate about what I do. Or, perched somewhere on the intersection of passionate and obsessive. (Is there really a difference?) I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now, as part of teams, agencies, and my own freelance operation. I’ve seen a lot, created a lot, and wouldn’t change a thing.

I began as a writer, then editor, and ultimately found my place as a designer. The truth is, it’s all about telling stories. That’s what I love, that’s what connects us.

It’s no secret that the creative process is equal parts madness and satisfaction. I find that what keeps me coming back for more, project after project, is people. People who’ve just cashed out their savings to take a leap and start their dream business. People who show up early and leave late to make their vision a success. People who believe in and love what they do, no matter what that is. People with purpose.

So, that brings us to, “What’s House of Grays?” Simply put, the reason I do it all. My husband, my two tiny blonde people, and one chocolate lab. That’s 4 Grays in a house, 5 if you count the dog (up to you).

I love bad jokes and even worse TV. Pleasure to meet you.

House of Grays

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