Places Beyond


I created this  identity + site  for my friend Dan Ford, whom I met while freelancing at Roadtrip Nation awhile back. Like most of my favorite people, Dan is a little bit crazy, in a good way: He’s taking an extended leave of absence from his job as a producer to travel solo by motorcycle for 8 months, from Southern California all the way to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina.

A sense of wild adventure is not new to my inspiring friend–from working on oil rigs, to mission trips in Africa, to filming on the road for Roadtrip Nation every summer for the last 6 years. But this time, Dan is riding to support victims of human trafficking through the International Justice Mission, with a $10,000 fundraising goal. He’ll be volunteering in at-risk communities along the way, and documenting his journey. He takes off at the beginning of October, and he’ll be using WordPress to tell his story from the road. Naturally, I think that’s pretty cool.


This will be an iterative project, the site design and functionality expanding as his needs and content change during his trip. For instance, once he reaches Mexico, we’ll be adding a feature to live track his journey by GPS and he’ll be filling out the sections on his gear and motorcycle maintenance for the adventure rider community (it’s a thing, I learned). For now, the blog is a means for Dan to collect sponsors, and share his plan with friends and family. It will be his connection to many of them while he’s gone, and I am honored to be a part of that. I wasn’t kidding when I said I love doing work like this.

You can check out the site, read more about his mission, and support his journey at Please head on over and support IJM or buy my crazy friend a beer for all the good he’s doing. Your support would mean a lot to me.

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