10up Annual Meeting Swag

The agency I work for recently had its 2nd Annual Meeting, held this year in Las Vegas. I pitched a few of these concepts for swag, like the Scout Books and T-shirts, then went off the rails a bit with the rest. Inspiration, what can I say.


Our company is a little over 2 years old now, but the growth we’ve seen and the projects we’ve accomplished in that time are pretty amazing. While we’ve quickly become a big-time agency with big-time clients, we’re still an awesome scrappy place (as one of my coworkers recently put it) where we’re able to create and innovate like a startup. I wanted to create artwork that subtly represented our evolution and maturity as a company, adding gentle distressing to the pieces and incorporating a different use of typography than is typical for our brand. And because we’re a distributed team of people who don’t see each other in person as often as we might like, creating something handmade and personal felt important for the occasion.

The Swag

Hand-Stamped Name Tags
Hand-Stamped Name Tags

When the rub-off transfer paper I ordered didn’t arrive in time, I had to come up with another plan. I printed the name labels I’d made in InDesign in reverse (mirrored) one at a time on a transparency sheet I bought at Staples. While the ink was wet, I applied it to a blank tag and carefully scratched it with my thumbnail until all the ink had transferred. I removed the rest of the ink with a damp paper towel, dried it, and repeated this process 38 times. I used a rubber stamp for the logo graphic on the other side.

I playfully included the tagline “Building Websites Like Nobody’s Business” in an early comp of the redesign I’m doing for our site. Though it’s no longer a part of the site at the moment, we’ve adopted it as a tagline for some of our swag. By the way, including inside jokes and bad puns in a Photoshop comp could be my favorite part of web design ;)

Numbered Tags
I purchased these numbered tags from an industrial supply store, with the idea that each employee could have a limited edition token of their original hire number. They only make these up to 50, so they truly are limited edition. Be the next 10up hire to have the last one ;)

photo 2

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